Don’t Ignore Dating Violence

In the unlikely event you or one of your friends are a victim of dating violence, there are a number of steps you can take to rectify the situation. There are three main types of dating violence, including physical, emotional and sexual violence. It is important to understand the difference between the three, and what you can do in each of the three circumstances.

With physical violence, there is hitting involved. There can also be pushing, shoving or slapping around as well. Sometimes when the man slaps the woman, she does not call that abuse, but the fact is that it is physical abuse. Nobody should be shoved, pushed, slapped or even throw things. Usually, abuse starts with one of the partners giving a small push, or shove. Then it begins to escalate. You can tell when someone is being physically abused when they say things like “Oh, it was only a slap.” or “It was only a push.” If you or one of your friends is going through this, then they need to get out quickly.

Emotional abuse is when one or both partners starts yelling or calling you bad names. If they start bullying you around or making you feel horrible in public, then that is also a form of emotional abuse. If someone says that you deserve to be yelled at or be called names, that is also emotional abuse. The fact is that nobody deserves this kind of treatment. This type of dating violence is unacceptable. Don’t be fooled when your partner tries to make you feel better by buying you presents or being really nice to you the day following the abuse.

The dating violence that is also bad is sexual abuse. This when your partner tries to force you to kiss him or her without your permission. Keep in mind that if you are drunk, and someone tries to touch you or kiss you, that is also abuse because you are not in your right mind to consent to it. You should remain sober, or have an accountable partner with you watching you at all times.

If you want to tell that you are a victim of dating violence, then you can also check to see if your partner is constantly checking in on you or seeing where you’re at or what you’re up to. If he gets jealous or angry because you haven’t called him at least three times per day for example, then that is also abuse. Take all these things into account when identifying dating violence.

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6 Types of Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating is a subject that is touchy. There are more and more issues arising with teens in the dating world. Teen pregnancy is on the rise. There are drugs on the market that can impair a teen’s ability to make clear decisions and to protect themselves. Perhaps much more common and alarming is the increase of teen dating violence.

Teen dating violence is defined as a pattern of behavior that is controlling by a teenager over another teenager. These teens are in a dating relationship with each other. Oftentimes, behaviors include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. A single poll that was conducted within the United States showed that 40% of teenagers said that they know someone that is in a relationship that is abusive. Despite this fact, many parents do not realize how significant the issue of teen dating violence is.

While many similarities exist between adult dating violence and teen dating violence, there are some major differences that are present. Teens have a much higher likelihood of becoming isolated from their friends and peers due to controlling behavior that their boyfriend or girlfriend is exhibiting. Abusive relationships in teens are quite often their first dating experience. Due to this fact, they do not have any regular dating experiences to compare this abusive relationship with.

There are six different forms that teen dating violence can take. There can be:

1.Physical abuse: Which includes physically striking someone or preventing them from being able to leave a potentially hazardous situation.

2.Emotional and verbal abuse: Involves name calling, attempts to destroy self-esteem, and humiliation.

3.Sexual abuse: Can occur often in a teen dating violence situation. This involves forcing or coercing a boyfriend or girlfriend into having sex against their will.

4.Threats: Are another common form that dating violence takes in teens. There can be threats of retaliation or harm if the individual tries to tell anyone what is going on or tries to get help. There can also be threats related to leaving the relationship.

5.Isolation: Is a major issue with teen dating violence. Teens that are being abused and isolated will not be allowed to spend time with other people. This will isolate them from their friends and family and gives the abuser a much greater degree of control in the relationship.

6.Harassment: Is a very common sign of dating violence in teens. This can include repeated, incessant phone calls, repeated text messages, and various other types of communication. This is another way that the offender maintains control and makes the victim constantly aware that they are being controlled.

All six types or combination of teen dating violence can quite often make the teen feel helpless and they may not realize that there is any way to get out of the relationship.

There are some statistics that have been compiled in relation to teen dating violence. These statistics are based on research and studies that have been conducted with large numbers of teenagers. Research shows that almost half of all the teenagers in the United States are involved in an abusive relationship themselves or know friends that are being abused. These are shocking numbers. The main reason for the continuing increase in teen dating violence is the fact that parents are not aware. Parents need to do research into dating violence. They should also talk with their teens and know what is going on in their lives.

Saudi Arabia releases video on National TV teaching husbands how to beat their wives

Saudi Arabia releases video on National TV teaching husbands how to beat their wives

May 10, 2016

AWD News.coM

The national television of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has aired a video, in which a self-styled Islamic family doctor is seen teaching men in the country how to ‘properly’ beat their wives.

The video is believed to have been aired in the country in early February, 2016. The Kingdom’s government is said to have approved the video, and that is why it was given airtime on national television.

After airing the video in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government released the controversial video in the United States via the Washington DC-based Middle East Media Research Institute, in April 2016. Women activists group describe the video as nothing less than infuriating.

The content of the video features the doctor who is said to specialize in therapy; Khaled Al-Saqaby teaching men how to ‘properly’ beat their wives if their [wives] disobey them.

According to Al-Saqaby, husbands should not immediately attack their wives, but should discipline them ‘properly’ first. He then makes it clear that in marriage, there is nothing like equality, and that men should take charged and rule the home.

In an event where women disobey their husbands, Al-Saqaby teaches in the video that the men should follow the steps below in making sure that the women are corrected.

“The first step is to remind her of your rights and of her duties according to Allah. Then comes the second step – forsaking her in bed.

The third step, beating, has to correspond with the necessary Islamic conditions” before taking action. The beating should not be performed with a rod, nor should it be a headband, or a sharp object.

Instead, husbands should use a ‘tooth-cleaning twig or with a handkerchief’ to beat their wife. The wife will feel that she was wrong in the way she treated her husband,” says Al-Saqaby.

Ending his controversial teaching, Al-Saqaby says his teaching of how to beat wives is not exhaustive, and that sometimes, men can beat their wives without following his steps when the women go to the extreme by disobeying their husbands.

He also blamed the women for provoking their husbands, expressing shock that some women are ‘stubborn’ to the point that only beatings can bring them to order.

“In addition, sometimes a woman makes a mistake that may lead her husband to beat her. I’m sad to say there are some women who say ‘Go ahead, if you are a real man, beat me’ She provokes them,” he adds in the video.

Critics of the video say, although some of the teachings Al-Saqaby espoused in the video concerning how husbands should treat their wives are found in the Holy Quran, they were used in a context.

They accuse Al-Saqaby and the Saudi government of being selective with the verses of the Holy Book in order to satisfy their own interest.

The author Matt Agorist of the Free Thought Project has chronicled some verses from the Quran and Hadith to highlight how a religious text can be used to incite peace or violence; that Islam prohibits or promotes men beating their wives.

The Hadith is the record of the sayings and conduct of the Islamic Prophet, Muhammad during his lifetime. The record was recorded by his disciples and those known to be close to him.

According to Mr Agorist, Al-Saqaby teaching on the subject should not be taken serious because it is full of his own interpretations, in order to serve the interest of the ruling class of the country.

Some women groups have also called for the United States government to condemn the video, as it denigrates womanhood. But neither the State Department, which is responsible for international relations for the country, nor any government official from the White House, has commented on the controversial video.

This is not the first time the United States has turned a blind eye on happenings in Saudi Arabia. Early this year, Saudi Arabia embarked on an exercise of beheading people who speak against the dictatorial policies of the country’s ruling class. 47 people, including a prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Bakir al-Nimr, were beheaded on January 1st, 2016, for embarking on anti-government activities.

This sparked huge tension in the Islamic World. The United States never commented, or issued a statement, on the beheadings.



Saudi Arabia

Couples, Pregnancy And Murder: The Maternal Murder Phenomenon

In recent years, the high profile murder cases of Laci Peterson and Lori Hacking in the United States has brought to light an growing threat to pregnant women—murder. According to a March 2001 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) using death records and coroner reports, state health department researchers found 247 pregnancy-associated deaths between 1993 and 1998, suggesting that the maternal murder phenomenon is the leading cause of death among pregnant women.

Pregnancy should be a time of great joy between a couple, so why are all those women getting murdered by their partners, According to Dr. Diana Cheng, director of women’s health at the Maryland Department of Health and Medical Hygiene and her colleague Dr. Isabelle Horon, “Women tend to think pregnancy is a safety zone, especially if they are already in an abusive relationship, but what we’re seeing is that no woman is safe from domestic violence or its most severe consequences.” Unfortunately, most women who are in abusive relationships are physically assaulted by their partners even during pregnancy. Sometimes, this violence can result in injury for both the mother and child, miscarriage or death. The more alarming thing is that while the male partners of these pregnant women are often the chief suspects in the murder, it can be hard for the police to prove the fact and these men can go free to go on and abuse other women.

Why then would a woman stay in an abusive relationship, Unfortunately, apart from the financial aspect, many women are compelled to stay in the relationship because of companionship and for the sake of the child. Many victims of domestic violence find convenient excuses for their partner’s behavior, some driven by the shame and disbelief that such a thing was happening to them. Women who are in comfortable financial positions and social standing may have more options but are not less vulnerable to domestic violence. Some women have asked, if he doesn’t want the responsibility of a child, then why doesn’t he just leave, Leaving the pregnant woman may be simple, but once the child is born there are other factors that will still tie him to his unwanted partner and child such as child support and alimony.

Many of the men who murdered their pregnant partners had shown signs of psychopathic behavior even before the murder, and were likely to have been arrested for domestic violence. If you are pregnant and your partner isn’t feeling as joyous about the pregnancy as you are, it could be normal. Pregnancy is a big, life-changing event for the couple, and for men the emotional and financial responsibility it places on them can seem overwhelming. This feeling of fear and anxiety may be compounded by outside stressors such as problems with work, issues with their parents and physical or psychological problems. However, if you are getting some vibes that send cold chills up your spine, look for some signs and ask yourself these questions. Has your partner asked or told you to have an abortion, Has he said, he’s not ready to be a father yet, Did he break-off the relationship because of the pregnancy, Have you had disastrous conversations about child support, Any comments about you personally being the wrong person to have his child, Is your relationship an abusive one,

If your partner has made direct threats that he would cause you harm if you plan to have the baby, protect yourself. Don’t keep the news to yourself, tell your friends or family about it, and if the harassment escalates report it to local law enforcement agencies. There are also support groups that can help you during this difficult time. It might also be a good idea to move to a different residence. It is better to be proactive than to end up dead. Don’t wait until its too late.

Dating Abuse – Types of Dating Abuse

There are three main types of dating abuse that you should be aware about when you or one of your friends are dating. The main types of abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. There are distinct differences between the three, and when you are aware of what each means, then you will be able to identify it at the drop of a dime.

Physical abuse happens when someone actually does something physical to hurt the other person or knock that person off balance against their will. For example, if a man is upset at his partner and he slaps her across the face, then that is physical abuse. Another example is when he shoves her out of the way while walking past her. If she did not approve of this or is not in the mood for it, then it can be counted as abuse. In fact, there is no time when anyone should be pushed, shoved or hit. Other examples of physical dating abuse are when one or both partners are kicking, scratching, biting each other or throwing things at each other. The reason why this is so bad is because it can easily escalate into domestic violence where someone can get seriously hurt or even killed. If you see this happening, then run quick!

Emotional abuse happens when one partner calls the other partner names or puts them down. There can be emotional abuse without physical abuse. It is one thing to give constructive criticism, but to tear someone down or to belittle them, especially in front of other friends and family is not good at all. If someone is to point out something wrong that you did, then there must also be a solution mentioned, and it must be presented in a courteous way. No person deserves to be called any names or be bullied. Another form of emotional abuse is when one partner neglects the other partner. He or she either keeps them away from seeing friends and family, or they don’t even spend time with them. Either one is a dangerous form of emotional abuse, and if you see it, then run quickly.

Sexual abuse occurs when your partner forces you to do something sexual against your will, such as touching, kissing, or having sex. This can easily escalate to physical abuse like hitting, shoving, kicking, scratching, etc. If you see any of these forms of dating abuse happening in your relationship or the relationship of one of your friends, then tell them to leave quickly. Everyone will be better off.

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